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Writing and Reflection

Responding to an email / a letter
Imagine that you’re Alia. Write an email or a letter
responding to the email or letter you’ve read and discussed.
Use the following questions to guide you.
Guiding questions for the email/letter:
1. What do you write to start your response to an email/a
2. What details do you write in your email/letter? (How old
are you? Where do you attend senior high school? What
are your hobbies? How many siblings do you have? Etc.)
3. What do you write to end your letter/email?

At the end of this chapter, ask yourself the
following questions to know how effective your learning
process is.
1. Have you been able to understand the letter/email
and the talk about one self?
2. Do you know how to describe yourself?
3. Can you write or talk about yourself?
If your answer is ‘no’ to one of these questions, see
your teacher and discuss with him/her on how to make you
understand and be able to write or talk about yourself better.

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