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Visiting Ecotourism Destination

Tujuan Pembelajaran:
Setelah mempelajari Bab 6, siswa diharapkan mampu:
1. Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris terkait teks deskriptif
sederhana tentang tempat wisata.
2. Menunjukkan perilaku peduli, percaya diri, dan tanggung jawab dalam
melaksanakan komunikasi terkait teks deskriptif sederhana tentang tempat
3. Mengidentifikasi fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan pada
teks deskriptif sederhana tentang tempat wisata.
4. Merespon makna dalam teks deskriptif, lisan dan tulis, sederhana, tentang
tempat wisata.
5. Menyunting teks deskriptif tulis tentang tempat wisata.
6. Menyusun teks deskriptif lisan dan tulis sederhana tentang tempat wisata.

Visiting Ecotourism Destination

Below are lists of words related to tourist destinations. Let’s
play odd man out game. Play this game in groups of four. Find
the word that does not belong to the same category as the other
words in the same group. That word is the odd word (the odd man).
Cross out or circle the word and explain your reason. Look at the
example. Compete with other groups to finish this game.
outdoor camping ground air conditioner sleeping bag

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Vocabulary Builder
Read the text about Tanjung Puting National Park. After you read
it, scan the text quickly to find the English equivalents for the
Indonesian words below. You are given the dashes and some letters
of the English words as the clues. Each dash represents a letter.
After you find the words, compare your answer to your friends.
_ _ _t_ _ _ _ _ _ (noun) ekoturisme
_ _ _tin_ _ _ _ _ (noun) tujuan
_ _ _ _ _ _ _la (noun) tanjung
un_ _ _ _ (adjective) tidak seperti
s _ _ _ _ (noun) hidung (binatang)
_ _ _ _mo_ _ (adjective) sangat besar
es_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (verb) mendirikan
h_ _ _ _ (noun) pusat/inti
_ _ _ _ _ss_ _ _ (adjective) mengesankan
ex-_ _ _ _ _ _ _ (adjective) bekas tangkapan
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _tion (noun) pelestarian
_ _ _z_ _ _ (adjective) mengagumkan

C Pronunciation Practice
Listen to your teacher reading these words. Repeat
after him/her.
destination : /?dest??ne?? ? n /
peninsula : / p??n?nsj?l? /
unlike : / ?n?la?k /
snout : / sna?t /
enormous : / ??n??m?s /
establish : / ??stæbl?? /
heart : / h??rt /
impressive : / ?m?pres?v /
ex-captive : / eks ?kæpt?v /
preservation : / ?prez??ve?? ? n /
amazing : / ??me?z?? /

Task 1:
Now, read the text carefully. What do you think about the
place described below?
Tanjung Puting National Park
One of the internationally famous ecotourism destinations
in Indonesia is Tanjung Puting National Park in the southwest of
Central Kalimantan peninsula. Tanjung Puting National Park offers
impressive experience to its visitors.
This is called a park, but unlike any park
that you have seen in your city, this is
a jungle! It is a real jungle, which is
home to the most incredible animals in
the world: orang utans and proboscis
monkeys! The male proboscis monkeys
are interesting because they have
enormous snout. So, imagine yourself to
be in the jungle and meet these special
animals in their original habitat. What
will you do when you meet them?
To see orang utans we should

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go to Camp Leakey. Camp Leaky is
located in the heart of Tanjung Puting
National Park. This is a rehabilitation
place for ex-captive orang utans and
also a preservation site. This camp
was established by Birute Galdikas, an
important scientist who has studied
orang utans since 1971.
To reach the place, we should take a boat down Sekonyer river.
The boat is popularly called perahu klotok which is a boathouse
that can accommodate four people. The trip by the boat to Camp
Leaky takes three days and two nights.
The traveling in the boat offers another unforgettable
experience. You sleep, cook, and eat in that klotok, night and day
during your journey into the jungle. In daylight, on your way to
Camp Leaky, you can see trees filled with proboscis monkeys. At
night, you can enjoy the clear sky and the amazingly bright stars
as the only lights for the night.


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