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Text Structure anda Grammar Review

Task 1:
Individually, complete the following chart to find out the
structure of the email or the letter above, depending on which
text you have read.

Text Structure anda Grammar Review

Task 2:
Work in pairs (Students A and B) to discuss the text structure,
and then share this with the class. Use the following prompts
to help:
a. What details can you find in the opening?
b. What’s the purpose of telling the contents?
c. What details can you find in the contents?
d. What’s the purpose of writing the closing?
e. What details can you find in the closing?

Grammar Review
Using be and have
Task 1:
Study the following pairs of sentences to identify the use
of be (am, is, are) and have (have, has). Do you notice the
1. a. I am sixteen years old.
b. I have an older sister and a younger brother.
2. a. Caroline is in the United States.
b. She has many friends from Indonesia.
3. a. Nina and Ami are active students.
b. They have many interesting hobbies.
4. a. I am a computer programmer.
b. I have many certificates that show my knowledge and skills in
computer programming.
5. a. John is a barista in a luxurious cafe.
b. He has a lot of friends, who love the coffee he prepares.
6. a. We are amazed by the beautiful scenery.
b. We have many interesting places to visit in this

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After observing the above examples, do you know how to
decide whether to use am/is/are or have/has? Is it because the
subjects are singular or plural? Do you also know when to use
have/has instead of am/is/are? Is it because the sentences have
complements? Is it because the sentences have objects?
Task 2:
Complete the sentences with be or have. Remember to use
the correct forms.
1. The class _____ very boring because the students ______ no
2. Alia ________ a new pen pal from America. Alia ______ lucky
because now she can practice writing in English.
3. Maher Zain ________ Saidah’s favorite singer. He really ______
good voice.

4. My hobby __________ reading novels. I ____________ a collection
of good novels.
5. Bali ________ magnificent scenery. In fact, it _______ one of the
most wonderful islands in the world.
6. My younger sister and I __________ three cats. They ______ cute.
7. Our favorite subjects _______ Math and English. We _____ a
great time when we do math and English exercises.
8. Caroline and Hannah ________ similar interests in fashion.
They _______ crazy about the newest trends in fashion.
9. Bob ________ a gadget maniac. He always ________ the latest
version of mobile phone, which is actually not necessary.
10. Sita _______ a dream of becoming one of the next female
president of Indonesia. She _____ optimistic about her dream.
11. My pen friend and I _______ a plan to meet in person. We ______
anxious to see one another.
12. The internet __________ really useful for my life as a student. It
_______ a lot of important information.

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You’ll play a kind of guessing game ‘Who Am I?’.
Your teacher will put a post-it paper with one of the words
below on your back. You need to work in pairs and guess
what the word on your back is by asking questions. Your
partner may only answer your questions with either ‘yes’ or
‘no’. Observe the following examples of the questions.

Imagine that you’re invited to that party. Think about a new
identity that you have. Then, talk to the other guests and introduce
yourself; tell about your family, your profession, and your hobbies.
You may ask another guest with questions like:
May I know your name please?
Can you tell me what your profession is? Or,
What do you do?
What’re your hobbies?
Do you like painting?
Do you like music?
Think of other questions. You may also introduce your friends
to other guests. Introduce yourself or your friends to at least two

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