B. Inggris

Talking about Self

Tujuan Pembelajaran:
Setelah mempelajari Bab 1, siswa diharapkan mampu:
1. Menggunakan bahasa Inggris dalam berkomunikasi tentang
pemaparan jati diri dengan guru dan teman.
2. Menunjukkan perilaku santun, peduli, dan percaya diri dalam
melaksanakan komunikasi tentang pemaparan jati diri.
3. Mengidentifikasi fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan
dari teks pemaparan jati diri.
4. Merespon makna teks pemaparan jati diri lisan dan tulis.
5. Menyusun teks lisan dan tulis sederhana tentang pemaparan jati

Talking about Self

Warmer: Chinese Whisper
Your teacher will divide the class into 4 groups and
show you how to play Chinese Whisper. Listen to your
teacher’s explanation and do the activity as quickly as
possible. Try to be the winner.

Discuss with your friends what characters your
group needs in order to do the activity successfully and
to become the winner.

Vocabulary Builder
Match the words with their Indonesian equivalents.
Compare your work to your classmate’s.
pen pal (noun) kereta komuter
sound (verb) sangat menyukai
run (transitive verb) jauh
(be) into (preposition) nampaknya
attend (school, college) (verb) sahabat pena
distant (adjective) bahasa pertama
commuter train (noun) bersekolah/kuliah
magnificent (adjective) luar biasa
mother tongue (noun) mengelola
half sister/brother (noun) saudara tiri

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Pronunciation Practice
Listen to your teacher reading these words. Repeat
after him/her.
pen pal : / pen pæl /
sound : / sa?nd /
run : / r?n /
(be) into : / ?ntu /
attend : / ?tend /
distant : / d?st?nt /
commuter train : / k?mjut? tre?n /
magnificent : / mæ?n?f?s ? nt /
mother tongue : / m?ð?r t?? /
half sister/brother : / h?f brað?r/sist?r /

Task 1: Jigsaw
Read the text carefully. Your teacher will identify you as A or
B. Students identified as A, read Text 1;
students identified as B, read Text 2.

Answer the following questions briefly.
1. How does Hannah contact Alia? Is there anybody introducing
Hannah to Alia?
2. Does Hannah want to be Alia’s friend?
3. Where does Hannah study?
4. Tell me about Hannah’s family!
5. What are Hannah’s hobbies?
6. Does she like animals? What animals does she have?
7. What do Hannah and her Hmong friends love to do?
8. What profession would she like to have after graduating from
her school?
9. She isn’t interested in fashion. Why?

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Answer the following questions briefly.
1. Does Saidah want to be Alia’s friend?
2. Where is she from?
3. Where does Saidah study?
4. Tell me about Saidah’s family!
5. What are Saidah’s hobbies?
6. Does she have favorite singers? (If yes, who are they?)
7. Does she like reading books? Which authors does she like?
8. What profession would she like to have later?
9. Is she interested in visiting Indonesia? How does she know

Vocabulary Exercises

1. Samuel and Sholeh are experienced in preparing a wide range of
menus, from simple dishes like boiled eggs and fried rice to the
difficult ones like the delicious rendang and rawon. They_____
really _____ cooking.
2. Is it true that you went scuba diving in Bunaken National
Marine Park in your holiday? Wow, it _____ really cool. I wish I
could go there too.
3. What I love about ______ is that it takes us to our workplace
and brings us home quickly because it does not get caught in
traffic jam.
4. The government _____ a television station which offers many
useful programs and shows few commercials.
5. The teacher and the students were talking about the _____
performance of GARUDA, the Indonesian national football
6. Rudi does not understand the local language. His _____ is
7. I am a senior high school student. Now, my childhood in
kindergarten feels like a _____ memory. I remember only few
8. Nina and Ami are good friends at college. They used to _____ the
same schools, from elementary to secondary.
9. An _____ is someone you make friends with by writing emails.
He/She might live in another country, so you might never meet
10. Firda is now very happy to have a _____, a baby girl from her
mother’s second marriage

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