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Speaking, Writing, and REFLECTION

Let’s play scissors, rock, and paper.
Work in pairs. Play scissors, rock, and paper. The
winner chooses for himself/herself a situation. The partner
makes an expression of congratulations. For example, the
winner chooses situation 5. He/She says, “I just bought a new bag.” The partner says, “Congratulations. Your new bag
is gorgeous.” Then develop a conversation based on that.
After that, start all over again by doing the scissors, rock,
and paper again, and so forth. Continue doing that with all
the situations provided in the table below.  images (2)

Write down the inside parts of the congratulation
cards based on the cover. Two cards have been done for
you as examples. Write at least two sentences.

At the end of this chapter, ask yourself the
following questions to know how effective your learning
process is.
1. What have you learned from this chapter?
2. Have you been able to do all the exercises here?
3. What is your plan to improve your ability in
congratulating others?

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