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Dialog: Showing Care

Read the dialog carefully.
Today Imran is not feeling well. He is staying at home.
He has just received a sympathy card through an email
from his sister who lives far away in Singapore. The card
says, “Sending you sunny smiles, warm wishes, and healing
thoughts . . . Hope today finds you feeling much better!”
Many of his friends also come to his house.
Rama : You look so pale. I bring you some soup, fix you
some tea and bake you some treats. Hope you
recover soon.
Imran : Thanks a lot. What a lovely friend you are! I really
appreciate that.
Rido : I’d also water your plants and tidy your room.
Imran : Thank you very much. I’m glad you do it for me.
Ramon : To help you feel better, I’d fluff up your pillow and
straighten your sheets.
Imran : I am so grateful to you. You’re the best friends
I have ever had.

Showing Care/Sympathy
Sympathy expression is an expression or feeling of pity and
sorrow when we know and see people are unlucky, have trouble, or
are in bad condition. For example, our friend is sad because his/her
grandfather is sick. We can entertain him/her by showing sympathy.
By expressing sympathy, we want to show our concern or care for
other people’s condition. REFLECTION
The purpose of expressing sympathy is to comfort people who
have trouble or are in bad conditions. It is also aimed to let people
know that we care for them. We can express sympathy directly to
him/her orally by saying something supportive. In this way, we let
our friend know that we know about his/her sadness and we let our
friend know that we care and want to help him/her. If the person
who is in trouble is far from us, we can send him/her a letter,
postcard, short message service (sms), or email to show our care/

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Task 1:
Identify which numbers are compliments and which are
expressions of care/sympathy.
Task 2:
Complete the spaces in the table with expressions of
compliment/care and responses.


Task 1:
Write responses to the following sympathy cards. You may
choose two among the four cards.

At the end of this chapter, ask yourself the
following questions to know how effective your learning
process is.
1. Do you know how to compliment people, and when
do you need to do that?
2. Do you also know how to express care or sympathy
to people, and when do you need to do that?
If your answer is ‘no’ to one of these questions, read
this chapter and do the activities again. Don’t hesitate to
see your teacher or more able classmates and discuss with
them how to make you understand and be able to use the
expression better.


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