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Describing People

Tujuan Pembelajaran:
Setelah mempelajari Bab 5, siswa diharapkan mampu:
1. Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris terkait teks deskriptif
sederhana tentang orang.
2. Menunjukkan perilaku peduli, percaya diri, dan tanggung jawab dalam
melaksanakan komunikasi terkait teks deskriptif sederhana tentang
3. Mengidentifikasi fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan pada
teks deskriptif sederhana tentang orang.
4. Merespon makna dalam teks deskriptif, lisan dan tulis, sederhana,
tentang orang.
5. Menyusun teks deskriptif lisan dan tulis sederhana tentang orang.

Describing People

Vocabulary Builder
Task 1:
Look at the words in the box. Do you know the meaning?
Check your dictionary.
tall eyebrow pointed nose friendly
short blonde hair smart skinny
calm shy plump chubby
round face kind helpful stubborn

Pronunciation Practice
Listen to your teacher reading the following words.
Repeat after him/her.
tall : / t??l /
short : / ???rt /
calm : / k??lm /
round face : / ra?nd fe?s /
eyebrow : / ?a?bra? /
blonde : / bl?nd /
shy : / ?a? /
kind : / ka?nd /

pointed nose : / ?p??nt?d no?z /
smart : / sm??rt /
plump : / pl?mp /
helpful : / ?helpf ? l /
friendly : / ?frendli /
skinny : / ?sk?ni /
chubby : / ?t??bi /
stubborn : / ?st?b?rn /

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I have a lot of friends in my school, but Dinda has been my
best friend since junior high school. We don’t study in the same
class, but we meet at school everyday during recess and after
school. I first met her at junior high school orientation and we’ve
been friends ever since.
Dinda is good-looking. She’s not too tall, with fair skin and
wavy black hair that she often puts in a ponytail. At school, she
wears the uniform. Other than that, she likes to wear jeans, casual
t-shirts and sneakers. Her favourite t-shirts are those in bright
colors like pink, light green and orange. She is always cheerful.
She is also very friendly and likes to make friends with anyone.
Like many other girls, she is also talkative. She likes to share her
thoughts and feelings to her friends. I think that’s why many friends
enjoy her company. However, she can be a bit childish sometimes.
For example, when she doesn’t get what she wants, she acts like a
child and stamps her feet.
Dinda loves drawing, especially the manga characters.
She always has a sketchbook with her everywhere she goes. She
would spend some time to draw the manga characters from her
imagination. Her sketches are amazingly great. I’m really glad to
have a best friend like Dinda.

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1. Who is being described in the text?
2. How long have the writer and Dinda been friends?
3. What does Dinda look like?
4. What are her favourite clothes?
5. What kind of t-shirts does she like?
6. Describe Dinda’s personality briefly.
7. Why do many friends enjoy Dinda’s company?
8. What is Dinda’s bad habit?
9. What is Dinda’s hobby?
10. How does the writer feel about Dinda?

At the end of this chapter, ask yourself the following
questions to know how effective your learning process is.
1. Can you identify the information in the descriptive text?
2. Do you know the type of language structure that you can
use to describe a person?
3. Can you describe a person following the structure of a
descriptive text?
If your answer is ‘no’ to one of these questions, see
your teacher and discuss with him/her on how to make
you understand and be able to tell or write about a person’s
description better.

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