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Creative Writing Story of Technical Writing, Short stories, and Story writing

Creative Writing Story of Technical Writing, Short stories, and Story writing

Creative Writing Story
Creative Writing Story

Creative Writing Story

Creative Writing Story – History of Writing Language was born at the same time as man was created. Language existed long before writing came into existence. The advent of writing can be said to have emerged when man started to settle down. The initial writing found was in form of pictures. Egyptians developed the most famous and well-known form of picture writing known as the hieroglyphics (Larkin, 1999). Early Writing Initially man used to express and record through signs and pictures on walls of caves and later on clay tablets.

Creative Writing Story – The Mesopotamians developed one of the earliest writing systems, they had specialist known as scribes. These scribes were the only ones who could write. Their writing system was essentially used to measure barley, which was considered the most important commodity at that time. (Larkin, 1999) Writing Systems As time passed and man progressed these signs became more sophisticated and instruments for writing were developed.

Creative Writing Story – Cuneiform script came into existence and it was used in different cities to record a variety of information such as temple activities, business and trade. Eventually it was also used to write stories, myths and personal letters. It is debated that writing systems were developed in four major civilizations: Indus valley in Ancient India, Chinese, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian independently but around the same time. (Daniels & Bright, 1996) As man evolved, so did writing.

Creative Writing Story – Greeks developed the earliest ways of writing which is quite similar to the modern writing system. They used to write with metal stylus on wax-coated tablets. The invention and use of ink by Chinese took writing to new heights. Advancement in technologies altered what was written and how it was produced. During the Golden age of Islam, Arabic script was prominently used everywhere and it became one of the world’s standard scripts. By the end of 16th century old Roman and Greek letters were transformed into twenty-six alphabets letters, as we know today.

Creative Writing Story – Writing in Education Formal education played a significant role in bringing the writing to masses. This changed the nature of writing and evolved into the form we know now. Writing is considered a very powerful learning tool and plays a very crucial role in our education. It helps us discover new information, ideas, evaluate our thoughts and opinions. Writing is broadly divided into fiction and non-fiction. Fiction is a kind of writing that deals with ideas or events that are imaginary or theoretical whereas non-fiction is a kind of writing that is based on facts and information. Major types of non-fiction literature are essays, journals, memoirs, technical documentation/writing, scientific papers, travel books, blue prints and user manuals.

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Creative Writing Story – What is technical writing? Technical writing is a kind of non-fiction writing. It is used for technical communication and is often associated with help files, procedure and user manuals. One of the important uses of technical writing is step-by-step explanation of how to do things, for example assemble a machine, repair something, routine maintenance, recipe to make something. It focuses on simplifying something which is complex. It can be said that technical writing involves creating useful documents that can be clearly understood by the readers. Good technical writing presents useful information in a way that is easily understood by the users. The origin of technical writing can be traced back to Geoffrey Chaucer who wrote “ Treatise of Astrolabe”, the first technical writing in English Language. This treatise is considered the oldest work in English describing a complex scientific instrument. This document is admired for its clarity in explaining difficult concepts (North, 1988). Technical writing as a discipline came into existence around the World War 1 due to the growing need in technology-based documentation. In 1953, the society of technical writers and the association of technical writers and editors were set up to improve the practice of technical writing. Later these two organizations merged and formed Society of Technical Communication.

The golden age of technical writing started with invention of computers and the need for help files for the laymen (Alred, et al, 2006). Characteristics of good technical writing A well-written piece of technical writing presents information in a relevant, useful and accurate way, which is targeted towards a special audience. A good technical document requires the following techniques: – Clear, simple writing; – A thorough understanding of the procedure in all its technical details; – Ability to put yourself in the place of the reader, the person trying to use your instructions; – Ability to visualize the procedure in great detail and to capture that awareness on paper; – Finally, willingness to go that extra distance and test your instructions (Alred, et al, 2006). Conclusion: Lots of changes have taken place in the field of technical writing. Now there are specified writers called technical writers. Technical writing has its own categories. Technical writers work together with editors, graphic designers and illustrators, document specialists, content managers, instructional designers, trainers, and analysts to produce an amazing variety of deliverables, including: contracts, customer service scripts, design documents, FAQs, how-to-do videos, instructions, knowledge-based articles, policy documents, user manuals, training course materials, warning labels, help files, white papers, etc.

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Creative Writing Story – Read the questions carefully. Note down your opinions and reactions to the questions. During the discussion with your teacher and classmates, offer your personal reaction and understanding of the text. 1. Do you think writing changed our society? How? Give reasons to support your answer. 2. “Need is the mother of invention.” Do you think this saying is applicable to the development of technical writing? Discuss how it is applicable and support your discussion with reasons. 3. Which is your favorite kind of writing? Why? Give reasons for your answer. 4. What do you think would have motivated the early man to record and draw on walls using signs and symbols? Discuss. 5. Discuss differences between different genres of writing like fiction and non-fiction? You may focus on: a. How are they different? b. How do they speak to different audiences?

Creative Writing Story – Kurikulum 2013 dirancang untuk menyongsong model pembelajaran Abad 21. Didalamnya terdapat pergeseran pembelajaran dari siswa diberi tahu menjadi siswa mencari tahu dari berbagai sumber belajar melampaui batas pendidik dan satuan pendidikan. Peran Bahasa Inggris dalam model pembelajaran seperti itu menjadi sangat sentral mengingat lebih banyak sumber belajar dalam Bahasa Inggris dibanding semua sumber belajar dalam semua bahasa lainnya digabungkan. Makin datarnya dunia dengan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi menyebabkan pergaulan tidak dapat lagi dibatasi oleh batas-batas negara. Kurikulum 2013 menyadari peran penting Bahasa Inggris tersebut dalam menyampaikan gagasan melebihi batas negara Indonesia serta untuk menyerap gagasan dari luar yang dapat dipergunakan untuk kemaslahatan bangsa dan negara. Dengan demikian kompetensi lulusan Pendidikan Menengah yang dirumuskan sebagai mampu menjadi cerminan bangsa yang berkontribusi aktif dalam pergaulan dan peradaban dunia dapat tercapai. Sejalan dengan peran di atas, pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris untuk Pendidikan Menengah Kelas XI yang disajikan dalam buku ini disusun untuk meningkatkan kemampuan berbahasa. Penyajiannya adalah dengan menggunakan pendekatan pembelajaran berbasis teks, baik lisan maupun tulis, dengan menempatkan Bahasa Inggris sebagai wahana komunikasi. Pemahaman terhadap jenis, kaidah dan konteks suatu teks ditekankan sehingga memudahkan peserta didik menangkap makna yang tersurat dan tersirat dalam suatu teks; juga untuk menyajikan gagasan dalam bentuk teks yang mudah dipahami makna kandungannya dan diapresiasi keindahan pilihan rangkaian katanya. Sebagai bagian dari Kurikulum 2013 yang menekankan pentingnya keseimbangan kompetensi sikap, pengetahuan dan keterampilan, kemampuan berbahasa Inggris yang dituntut dibentuk melalui pembelajaran berkelanjutan: dimulai dengan meningkatkan kompetensi pengetahuan tentang jenis, kaidah dan konteks suatu teks, dilanjutkan dengan kompetensi keterampilan menyajikan suatu teks tulis dan lisan baik terencana maupun spontan dengan pelafalan dan intonasi yang tepat, dan bermuara pada pembentukan sikap kesantunan berbahasa dan sikap menghargai keindahan bahasa. Buku ini menjabarkan usaha minimal yang harus dilakukan siswa untuk mencapai kompetensi yang diharapkan. Sesuai dengan pendekatan yang digunakan dalam Kurikulum 2013, siswa diajak menjadi berani untuk mencari sumber belajar lain yang tersedia dan terbentang luas di sekitarnya. Peran guru dalam meningkatkan dan menyesuaikan daya serap siswa dengan ketersediaan kegiatan pada buku ini sangat penting. Guru dapat memperkayanya dengan kreasi dalam bentuk kegiatan-kegiatan lain yang sesuai dan relevan yang bersumber dari lingkungan sosial dan alam. Implementasi terbatas Kurikulum 2013 pada tahun ajaran 2013/2014 telah mendapatkan tanggapan yang sangat positif dan masukan yang sangat berharga. Pengalaman tersebut dipergunakan semaksimal mungkin dalam menyiapkan buku untuk implementasi menyeluruh pada tahun ajaran 2014/2015 dan seterusnya. Walaupun demikian, sebagai edisi pertama, buku ini sangat terbuka dan perlu terus dilakukan perbaikan dan penyempurnaan. Oleh karen itu, kami mengundang para pembaca memberikan kritik, saran dan masukan untuk perbaikan dan penyempurnaan pada edisi berikutnya. Atas kontribusi tersebut, kami ucapkan terima kasih. Mudahmudahan kita dapat memberikan yang terbaik bagi kemajuan dunia pendidikan dalam rangka mempersiapkan generasi seratus tahun Indonesia Merdeka (2045). Jakarta, Januari 2014 Menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan Mohammad Nuh

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