B. Inggris

Congratulating Others

Tujuan Pembelajaran:
Setelah mempelajari Bab 4, siswa diharapkan mampu:
1. Menunjukkan kesungguhan belajar bahasa Inggris dalam berkomunikasi
dengan guru dan teman untuk memberi ucapan selamat bersayap (extended).
2. Menunjukkan perilaku jujur, percaya diri, dan tanggung jawab dalam
melaksanakan komunikasi tentang memberi ucapan selamat bersayap
3. Mengidentifikasi fungsi sosial, struktur teks, dan unsur kebahasaan dari
ungkapan ucapan selamat bersayap (extended).
4. Menyusun teks lisan dan tulis untuk mengucapkan dan merespon ucapan
selamat bersayap (extended).

Congratulating Others

Your teacher will tell you how to play this game.
You have to guess what words that your teacher has
For example:
‘A person who serves passengers in a flight.’ He/She
is a ‘flight attendant.’
After you know how to play the game, your teacher
will divide the class into two groups to play the game. The
group who can guess more words will be the winner.

Vocabulary Builder
Match the words with their Indonesian
equivalents. Compare your work to your classmate’s.
settle (verb) berhak/layak
debts (noun) kekacauan
hired servant (noun) anak manja
inherit (verb) melunasi
chase (verb) mengejar
spoiled brat (noun) pembantu yang digaji
scolding (noun) sindiran tajam
betrayed (verb) mewarisi
mess (noun) hutang
deserve (verb) dengan senang hati
contentedly (adverb) dikhianati

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Pronunciation Practice
Listen to your teacher reading these words. Repeat
after him/her.
settle : / ?setl /
debts : / dets /
hired servant : / ha??d ?s??rv ? nt /
chase : / t?e?s /
spoiled brat : / sp??ld bræt /
scold : / sko?ld /
chaotic : / ke???t?k /
betray : / b??tre? /
deserve : / d??z??v /
contentedly : / k?n?tent?dli /
congratulate : / k?n??ræt??le?t /

Task 1:
Read the text carefully.
Nura arrives in a big city to help her parents settle their debts.
She moves into Juna’s house as a hired servant. In the house, Juna
is a rich and proud young man who inherits his father’s business.
He is lazy and goes to campus just to meet friends and chase
pretty girls who love his wealth.
In his chaotic life, Juna is betrayed by his own cousin and
uncle leading to his downfall. Juna’s life is in a real mess. However,
Nura helps him gain his confidence and reorganize his life. Nura
begins to teach the rich spoiled brat some manners through her
down to earth scolding and no-nonsense attitude. The girl helps
him pick up the pieces in his life, from defeat to success. Finally,
after a long struggle and hard work, he can regain his life. He is
now in the position of the director of the company that he inherits
from his father.
Many of his friends congratulate him. Johny, his best friend,
says, “Congratulations! You deserved it, man.”

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Thank you very much. This is because you’re always with
me,” Juna responds cheerfully.
“I’m very happy for you, Juna. Your company is now back to
you,” another friend says.
Juna replies with a happy tone, “Thank you. I cannot forget
your help to me.“
Others shake his hand and say, “That’s wonderful, Juna,”
“Good for you!” “Good luck,”
“Best of Luck!”
“Well done,”
“Fantastic job!”
“You must be very proud of your achievement.”
He responds to them joyfully, “Oh, thanks,” “Thank you very
much for saying so.” “Oh, I have a lot to learn, yet,” “I am glad you
think so.”
His staff also congratulate him, “I’d like to congratulate you
on your accomplishment, Sir!”
“Please accept my warmest congratulation,”
“I must congratulate you on your success in returning the
company back to your family,”
Again, he answers those expressions contentedly, “It’s very
good of you to say so,” “How nice of you to say that,”
“Thank you very much for saying so.”
Nura observes this event from the backdoor. She cries happily
for her master who has changed into a mature, stable young man.

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Task 1:
Complete the blanks in the following dialogs using the words
in the box. If needed, you may change the parts of speech.


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